The Restoration Process for Fire and Water Damage

Fire and water damage can seem like an overwhelming situation when it happens. After already having been through a flood or fire—a traumatic experience on its own—you now have to deal with the aftermath of these events. When these things happen, you want to make sure you have an experienced, trustworthy, knowledgeable company to handle the clean up and make the situation as stress free as possible. Atlantic Property Restoration is here to help—and this is how we do it.

Fire and Water Damage Restoration Process

The most important thing to remember about fire and water damage restoration is do not attempt the restoration on your own. A fire causes damage through flames, smoke, heat, and soot, as well as the water firefighters use to put it out. Water damage also causes issues by weakening your home’s carpentry. This all leads to a home with structural issues, which can create dangerous situations if you attempt restoration on your own. Breathing in the chemicals from the soot, smoke and mildew can also cause health issues. Instead, work with a fire and water damage restoration company with the experience and tools needed to correctly handle your home’s damage.

Step 1: Assessment

Atlantic Property Restoration will start by first assessing your home’s damage. It’s important to know what exactly is damaged, what needs to be completely replaced, and what can be fixed. This process includes reviewing your home and the items in your home. After we complete this assessment, we can give you a cost and time estimate.

Step 2: Protecting your property and removing debris

After a fire or flood, there is a lot of debris in and around your property. Atlantic Property Restoration will put a temporary fence around your home and lawn to restrict unauthorized access—this is mainly for everyone’s safety. We will also protect your home from weather, like rain and snow. We will then remove any debris that cannot be restored, properly disposing of it. This will give us a clean area in which to begin restoration.

Step 3: Drying out your home

Firefighters use a lot of water when trying to put out a fire, and floods obviously soak your property as well, so it’s important to dry out your home. This includes removing any standing water, which prevents mildew from forming and makes the clean-up process easier. When you hire Atlantic Property Restoration, we have specialized equipment that can quickly and easily dry out your home.

Step 4: Clean-up

The most time-consuming part of your home’s restoration is the clean-up. Water, smoke, and soot leave your home in need of cleaning and sanitizing. Fire and water can fill your home with hazards, including overflowing toilets, leaking sewage, spilled chemicals from appliances, gas leaks, and many others. It is vital these contaminants are removed before your home is rebuilt. This will ensure your home continues to be a safe, healthy place for you and your family.

Step 5: Rebuilding

Once your home is free from hazards, debris, and contaminants, Atlantic Property Restoration can begin repairing your home. This will include rebuilding floors and walls, replacing doors and windows, and returning your home to its pre-fire or flood condition.

If your home has experienced fire or water damage, contact Atlantic Property Restoration today!

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