The Hidden Dangers of Water Damage

Buying a home is a huge investment, and with that investment comes a large amount of responsibility. You want to make sure you maintain your property as much as possible, so it gains value over time, and that means ensuring you keep it free from damage from weather and the elements. While you immediately notice damage from fire and wind, water damage can be harder to spot—but no less damaging to your home and your health. Keep reading below to learn about the hidden dangers of water damage.

Mold and Bacteria Growth

Where there is standing water, there is mold and bacteria growth. In a home, this is often occurring behind a wall or under the floor, so it is not immediately obvious. Once mold has taken hold, it starts spreading, which can lead to structural damage as it weakens the boards and insulation. It can also spread through your HVAC system, leading to mold spores being distributed throughout your home. This can lead to serious health risks, such as asthma, chronic coughing, allergy symptoms (red and watery eyes, congestion), and headaches. Long-term exposure to mold can lead to lung damage, infections, pneumonia, and other serious illnesses. If you start experiencing these symptoms with no immediate cause apparent, your home might be hosting mold spores.

Damaged Electrical Systems

Water and electricity should not mix. When your house’s electrical system comes in contact with water, it will experience shortages and create the potential for electrocution. If water is leaking behind your walls, you may not immediately realize it, so if your electrical outlets and lights start experiencing frequent outages and shorts, this could be a sign you have an undiagnosed water leak. If you think this is the case, you should call an electrician to come diagnose the problem. Any issues with electricity have the potential to start a house fire and should be handled immediately.

Bugs and Rodents Love Water Damage

Water damage around your home can create gaps in the walls and insulation that can provide a perfect place for pests to enter your home. Once rats, mice, and bugs have set up a camp in your walls and attic, they immediately start wreaking havoc. Bugs will start boring through your home’s wood and insulation, creating damage that is difficult to fix. They will also lay eggs, which leads to a bigger infestation as more bugs are now living in your home. Water damage also attracts rats and mice, as it leaves cozy places among the ruined insulation to create a nest. Rats, mice, and bugs can carry serious diseases and create a large amount of damage in your home through chewing and their droppings, so keeping them out is imperative.

If your home has experienced water damage, let the experts at Atlantic Property Restoration help restore your home to your former glory. We are trained and equipped to handle damage from water, fire, wind, pests and numerous other issues. Contact us today!

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